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How To Stock Printed Thermal Paper Rolls?

 You may need a receipt of your previous purchase to keep records of your ongoing project. Usually the machine generated receipts are of thermal papers. You may not get the information or the information may be faded on the paper. This may happened to those thermal papers which are of poor quality. To write on the thermal paper, ink cartridges or ribbons are not used; a heat generating head creates the darken characters on the paper with the help [...]

Pre-Printed Paper Rolls From Greatshine Paper

Greatshine Paper offer custom preprinted paper rolls for all types of receipts include custom printed thermal paper rolls, custom printed  bond paper rolls, and custom printed 2-ply/3-ply carbonless paper rolls. You can design the printing and goes on each roll and this preprinting can be on thermal paper rolls or bond rolls based on your requirements. Custom text and your logo are just some of the preprinting on paper rolls that we offer to produce a custom looking receipt. You [...]

POS Rolls Sizes From America and Latin America Market

As we all know the requirements from different markets are different, here below greatshine Paper would like to supply the most popular sizes from America and Latin America by our experience: For thermal POS rolls, The America and Latin America normally use paper rolls by width*length, so for these market, we normally use 52gsm thermal or 55gsm thermal paper, for some other suppliers they even use 48gsm thermal paper, but we don’t advise 48gsm thermal paper, as the base paper [...]

Thermal Paper Image Fading Reasons

There are a few reasons why images fade on thermal paper. The usage of a dye and a type of co-reactant technology is sensitive to ultraviolet lighting. The rate of fading and the degree in which it fades can depend on the kind of light it’s being exposed to, for instance, office lighting would take longer to cause thermal paper to fade whereas direct ultraviolet rays can cause fading rather quickly. Also, it depends on how the image on [...]