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Why is 80x80mm thermal paper rolls so popular in Cash register system

Thermal printers print patterns through the heating element of the thermal print head, No need for ribbons or printer cartridges, Thermal printing is used more and more in cash register systems because of its stability, convenience, and cheapness. Among the many different paper roll sizes, 80mm x 80mm is the most popular specification. Thermal paper roll 80x80mm is increasingly used in restaurants and fast food chain stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, bank ATM and other industries. So do you know [...]

How to Test The Thermal Paper Quality

  Appearance: If the thermal paper is super white, it means that the protective coating and thermal coating of thermal paper are unreasonable, Too much phosphor is added, The better thermal paper should be slightly greenish. If the thermal paper looks uneven, it means that the thermal paper coating is uneven, If the thermal paper seems to reflect strong light, too much phosphor is added, and the quality is not very good. Fire roasting: The method of roasting with fire is [...]

What’s The Advantage Of Using Linerless Label?

Normally thermal label has two layers: the 1st layer is normal 80gsm thermal paper or 80gsm topcoated paper, we call is surface paper. The liner paper is 62gsm glassine paper, normally color has white, blue and yellow, total 3 kinds. We call it base paper. But now many and more customers choosing to use linerless thermal label, as to the linerless thermal paper, it is only one layer-the surface thermal paper, no bases paper, which has too big advantage when [...]

The Most Popular Sizes Thermal Paper Rolls 80×80

What’s the most popular sizes thermal paper rolls for users? I am sure it must be 80×80 thermal paper rolls. Actually the thermal rolls sizes was determined by the thermal printers, the most common thermal paper printers that customers are using mostly following model: Epson TM 82X, TM-T70, T88IV, M30, T20,T80, Boxilon, Samsung, Xprinter, Zonerich also have many 80’s width printers. Greatshine Paper has 50gsm, 55gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm and 70gsm thermal paper for 80×80, which is according to customer’s requirements, we normally use [...]

Linerless Label Available From Greatshine Paper

Greatshine Paper starts supplying all sizes of linerless labels from 2020, customized sizes are available, welcome your inquiry for all of our label product. If you want flexibility in your labels, customised linerless labels may be the right option for you. Linerless labels can be printed in different lengths because they are produced in a continuous roll. Linerless labels mean you don’t need to consider label size when you’re printing product specific information for a variety of products. The label [...]

2020 Greatshine Thermal paper supply no effected by Coronavirus

Dear All Customers, Greatshine Paper has been back to work on 3rd, Feb, 2020, Shandong province is far from Hubei province, Jinan city is also very far from Wuhan city, around 1000KM far away, so we don’t effected by the coronavirus which happened in WUHAN city, and our employees are mostly from the villages which around our factory, so we can ensure fast delivery as usual, FYI. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the coronavirus period, Greatshine paper [...]

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