Thermal Paper

How to choose good quality thermal paper?

Grocery shoping receipt,thermal receipt, pos receipt Thermal paper are using widely in our daily life,  Print as a receipt, it is economical and convenient for most of the retailers. Before we choosing a POS paper, we need to check the printers that we use, it is print with ribbons or without ribbons,  if the printer printed with ribbons, then you should choose woodfree paper or NCR paper instead of thermal paper, as it is dot matrix printers not thermal printers. Thermal [...]

Colorful Thermal receipt paper from Greatshine paper

green color thermal paper, yellow thermal receipt paper, green thermal till rolls, pink thermal paper, purple pos paper Good news for all customers: Greatshine paper can supply YELLOW, PINK, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE color thermal paper and woodfree paper for customer’s special usage. Sizes are based on customers’ requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have have colorful thermal paper inquiry, thanks.  

BPA Free Thermal Paper from Greatshine Paper

55gsm thermal paper rolls, 2 1/4″X80′-100 Currently, Most of thermal receipt paper rolls with BPA coating, BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s, it is also applied on thermal paper coating industries, as an important portion for image printing. Most research into the effects of BPA in humans (and animals) have focused on dietary exposure, such as via liquids in plastic drinking bottles or foods [...]

How To Select A Proper Thermal Paper Rolls?

55gsm thermal paper rolls, 2 1/4″X80′-100 Currently, Thermal paper rolls is more and more popular applied in many areas, like fooding, goverment, hotels, tickets, lottery, medical etc,  due to it’s very easy-printing and ecnomical. But do you know how to choose a right thermal paper rolls for your thermal printers? With several years development, thermal paper has too many grammage for choosing now, but at the beginning, thermal paper rolls just have 55gsm which mostly used in fax recording machines, and a [...]

The Ways of Testing Thermal Paper Quality

 Before we talk about the thermal paper quality we need to know how is produced and what factors will influence its quality: Basic thermal paper, a layered composite of base paper, thermal coating, and protective coating, is produced by several manufacturers and is subsequently reprocessed by many different suppliers for use in various recording devices. Reprocessing includes adding artwork, cutting and trimming, rolling or folding, perforating, or otherwise reworking the basic paper. Although most paper manufacturers rigorously test their [...]

How To Stock Printed Thermal Paper Rolls?

 You may need a receipt of your previous purchase to keep records of your ongoing project. Usually the machine generated receipts are of thermal papers. You may not get the information or the information may be faded on the paper. This may happened to those thermal papers which are of poor quality. To write on the thermal paper, ink cartridges or ribbons are not used; a heat generating head creates the darken characters on the paper with the help [...]

POS Rolls Sizes From America and Latin America Market

As we all know the requirements from different markets are different, here below greatshine Paper would like to supply the most popular sizes from America and Latin America by our experience: For thermal POS rolls, The America and Latin America normally use paper rolls by width*length, so for these market, we normally use 52gsm thermal or 55gsm thermal paper, for some other suppliers they even use 48gsm thermal paper, but we don’t advise 48gsm thermal paper, as the base paper [...]