Different Cores for Thermal Paper Rolls

Different Cores for Thermal Paper Rolls

cores for thermal paper rolls
cores for thermal paper rolls

There are many sizes and kinds cores when cutting thermal paper rolls, which include: paper core, plastic core, honeycomb core etc., do you have any difference from each other? Now let’s see following:

Paper cores

Paper core’s size is flexible and easy to change based on customer requirements, as it is same as paper rolls, it is produced by rolling, we just needs to change a shaft to change the inner core size, and outer core size is based on how many rolls that we do, inner core size mostly has: 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, 40mm, 76mm, the paper core wall thickness is normally 2mm at least, some bigger size needs 3-4mm normally.

Black Plastic core

Plastic core normally has two colors, white and black, but now Greatshine Paper also supply blue color plastic core, we also will supply other colorful cores in near future, like red, yellow etc. Plastic core is made by a metal mould, so sizes are not easy to changed once the mould size ready, normally inner diameter we have 13mm, 18mm, 25mm etc., Due to the better strengeness higher than the paper cores, plastic core’s wall thickness is normally thinner than paper rolls, thickness normally is 1mm to 1.5mm at most.

There are so many kinds of cores, just because different printers and different markets has different demands, paper cores were the most common one when started cutting paper rolls, then plastic cores. USA, Canada and other America countries like to use white honeycomb core, other markets like to use paper core and plastic cores, some Africa countries like to use colorful plastic core. Most printers use 13mm core size, but for cable printers which load 57x30mm paper rolls or 57x40mm paper rolls, normally use 10mm core or coreless paper rolls, ATM machine normally use 18mm and 25mm cores rolls, Label machines use 25mm , 40mm and 76mm sizes rolls.

Greatshine Paper has professional sales teams and production teams on paper rolls and labels, so if you have any questions of your printers and paper rolls, please do not hesitate to contact us, thanks.

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