The Ways of Testing Thermal Paper Quality

 logo-1Before we talk about the thermal paper quality we need to know how is produced and what factors will influence its quality: Basic thermal paper, a layered composite of base paper, thermal coating, and protective coating, is produced by several manufacturers and is subsequently reprocessed by many different suppliers for use in various recording devices. Reprocessing includes adding artwork, cutting and trimming, rolling or folding, perforating, or otherwise reworking the basic paper. Although most paper manufacturers rigorously test their thermal papers and expect them to preserve an image for at least five years, poor reprocessing techniques can alter the paper’s characteristics, thereby reducing its image life
Normally, thermal paper quality is based on whiteness, flatness, print image and image shelf etc. The whiteness and flatness are determined by basepaper, there are two kinds basepaper from China, one is mixed-pulp paper, the other is pure-pulp paper, the whiteness and flatness of mixed-pulp thermal paper can not be as good as pure pulp paper, same as image life, as the factory need more chemical material to bleach the mixed-pulp paper before coating, and the bleaching chemical material will react with coating materials when put them together, then the print image and image life will be influenced, that’s why Greatshine paper always advise pure-pulp paper for all customers.
Understand the pure-pulp paper price is more expensive than mixed-pulp paper, but its quality and performance are much better than mixed-pulp thermal paper, which also will save your time to maintain longer business relationship with your customers.

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