How to choose a good quality Restaurant receipt paper

How to choose a good quality Restaurant receipt paper


In recent years, with the rise of the takeaway industry, more and more merchants, shops, and supermarkets and restaurant have begun to provide takeaway services, and the demand for takeaway thermal paper has also increased.

But how to chose a suitable restaurant receipt paper?

Due to the particularity of the takeaway industry, special thermal paper for takeaway needs to have the following characteristics: good water resistance, stable color rendering, and high cost performance.

1. Why does the thermal paper for takeaway need to be waterproof?

Because there are often bad weather when delivering food, sometimes the color of the heat-sensitive paper for takeaway will be unclear when it touches rain or snow, which leads to many takeaway guys who can’t find the address or can only rely on it. Thinking about the address in memory, the result was that the wrong goods were delivered or the meal was delivered overtime.

2.Then why do we need to have stable color rendering?

The takeaway boy will put a lot of meals in the same dining car, and there will often be cases where high-temperature food hits the heat-sensitive receipt. When this happens, the thermal paper with stable color development will not have special changes, but the thermal paper with unstable color development will appear printed handwriting. When the external high temperature is encountered, the address, telephone and other information will also appear. Unobvious situations will also cause trouble to customers and takeaway guys.

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