How to choose good quality thermal paper?

How to choose good quality thermal paper?

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Thermal paper are using widely in our daily life,  Print as a receipt, it is economical and convenient for most of the retailers.

Before we choosing a POS paper, we need to check the printers that we use, it is print with ribbons or without ribbons,  if the printer printed with ribbons, then you should choose woodfree paper or NCR paper instead of thermal paper, as it is dot matrix printers not thermal printers. Thermal printers print without ribbon as the printer heads can expose heat when printing.

It is important to choose a good quality thermal paper before we print, because for bad quality thermal paper, normally the paper is rough or too much dust after printing, which will damage our printer heads easily, so it is not worth to save a little money but replace a printer heads by using bad quality thermal paper.

A good thermal paper normally has high whiteness,  good smoothness and sharp printing image, and also long image life after printing, you can use a finger to feel the paper smoothness and use printers to test its printing image.

Greatshine Paper always supply A grade thermal paper for all the customers home and abroad, we are glad to suppply free samples of our POS paper to all new customers, should you have any more inquiries of thermal paper or printers, please do not hesitate to contact us and our professional saleas are gald to stay at your service!

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