POS System and POS Solution from Greatshine Paper

POS System and POS Solution from Greatshine Paper

Greatshine Customer service
Greatshine Customer service

POS software or POS systems are located wherever a transaction occurs, which generally tends to mean the terminal that is used for checking-Out.

Some systems are the equivalent of an electronic cash register, used to make and record a sale in a restaurant, cafe, retail store or supermarket, and also in hotels, stadiums and casinos

 But point of sale systems can also be used as part of amore sophisticated IT system, linked into back-office stock control, ordering, andcustomer relationship management (CRM) applications.
The restaurant industry is increasingly adopting wireless POS because of the flexibility it offers. Many high end restaurants, as well as high volume restaurants and pubs favour wireless handheld POS devices.

Waiting staff use a PDA-sized POS system that can register orders and send them directly to the kitchen in real time. Customers are able to view their transaction and pay for at the table.

Web based POS systems are also on the rise. These offer even more flexibility because they can run on any computer with an Internet connection and browser, which means most smart phones and PDAs as well as mobile terminals.

The web-based software does not require any software installations or updates, and runs on secure servers in multiple data centres which have real-time backups.

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