POS Rolls Sizes From America and Latin America Market

卷纸抽象图As we all know the requirements from different markets are different, here below greatshine Paper would like to supply the most popular sizes from America and Latin America by our experience:

For thermal POS rolls, The America and Latin America normally use paper rolls by width*length, so for these market, we normally use 52gsm thermal or 55gsm thermal paper, for some other suppliers they even use 48gsm thermal paper, but we don’t advise 48gsm thermal paper, as the base paper is too thin which makes its coating layer not thick, so image will be influenced, the sizes mostly are 3 1/8”x230’, 3 1/8”x220’, 3 1/8”x200’, 3”x3” 200’, 2 1/4”x80’ etc.
For 1-ply bond paper rolls, we normally use 60gsm pure-pulp paper, mostly popular sizes are 3”x3” 150’, 1 3/4”x150’ etc.
For 2-ply NCR paper rolls, we normally use 50gsm pure pulp paper, CB is white, CF is yellow, blue printing image, sizes are 3”x3”, 95’, 3-ply are white/pink/yellow, size is 3”x3” 65’.

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