Thermal Paper Roll 57X40 | POS Machines | Greatshine Paper

Thermal Paper Roll 57X40 | POS Machines | Greatshine Paper

Our 57×40 Thermal Roll has a high level of smoothness and whiteness. Greatshine Paper only supply Top A-grade thermal rolls.






More Information

Package: shrink wrapping, carton with free-printed logo; OEM wrapping.

Paper Type: thermal paper, BPA-Free thermal paper.

Image: black, blue.

Core Material: plastic core, paper core, honey comb core, coreless.

Advantages of Greatshine Paper

• The whiteness, gloss, smoothness of thermalpaper can delivera clear and dark image.

• Smooth surface with lowest fray onthermal paperprinter heads.

• It can be printed with logo or other customized image on front or back side of thermal paper at competitive price.

• 5 years image life in normal condition storage.

Buy BPA Free 57×40 Thermal Rolls

Thermal Paper is one of the most cost-effective printing papers a business, especially a retail business, can use to reduce its expenses. Our 57×40 thermal rolls are an ink-free technology, which means you won’t need ink cartridges based printers to print on these papers. In fact, if you are using our 57×40 thermal rolls then you don’t have to spend a single dime on buying ink cartridges.

The “inkless” paper allows you to service your consumers in an efficient manner without being obliged to cut corners. These thermal rolls produce dependably high-quality, sharp, smudge-free, long-lasting printing with accuracy and rapidity.

Plus, if you choose our 57×40 Thermal Rolls to refill your stock of thermal papers, then you can be rest assured that you will be getting the promised quality of paper at the most competitive pricing. We are the largest manufacturer of Thermal paper in the north of China and that is why offering thermal paper and the most competitive pricing is breeze for us.

Get Clear, Long-Lasting Print with Our 57×40 Thermal Rolls

Our paper is coated with an invisible layer of chemicals that change their colour to blue or black when exposed to heat. Plus, the surface of our thermal rolls is glossy, which makes the prints smoother to the touch and, thus, gives these rolls a sophisticated and professional touch. Our 57×40 Thermal Rolls are the best rolls of thermal paper for your

  • POS Machines
  • Thermal Fax Machines Printers
  • ATM Machines
  • Weighting Machines
  • Barcode Printers

How can we claim this?

Because our products have been approved by all leading printer brands, whichever brand of printer you are using, our Thermal Rolls can make them happily print at their full efficiency.

Order Thermal Rolls That Perfectly Suit Your Specific Needs

You can purchase our 57mm (width) x 40mm (diameter) thermal rolls in a variety of thicknesses. For instance, one 57mm x 40mm thermal roll can be bought in the following measures of thickness:

  • 48 GSM
  • 50 GSM
  • 55 GSM
  • 60 GSM
  • 65 GSM
  • 80 GSM
  • 130 GSM
  • 180 GSM

GSM is the metric used to measure the thickness of paper. The higher the GSM, the heavier and thicker the paper is.

Still, if you come up with an order of a specific GSM of thermal rolls that is not in the aforementioned list of the thickness, then you don’t have to restart your search for thermal paper rolls. We are the largest manufacturer of thermal papers in the North of China and the benefit of working with the behemoth of the industry is that you get perks that any small supplier or retailer of thermal papers can’t provide. NO MATTER type of customizations you want in your 57mm x 40mm, we can do that. We can create our 57mm x 40mm thermal rolls that will perfectly suit your requirement.

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