Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls

Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls

Greatshine Paper only supply the Top A grade of Thermal Paper Rolls, our Thermal Paper with high whiteness, smoothness which can guarantee nice printing image and long storage after printing.






  • What is Thermal Paper Rolls?

Thermal paper is a special kind paper which is coated with a chemical that can change color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals etc.

  • The Application Of Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper are mostly used in receipt printing area and the thermal paperreceipt normally is ecnomical and can not keep in long time, which like in banks, restaurants, supermarkets, chains, gas stations, Lottery, Groceries, Hotels etc.

  • The Most popular size of Thermal Paper Rolls:
Size Package Size Package
28×85′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 28mmx50mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
1 15/32″X200′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 37mmx70mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
1 3/4″x200′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 44mmx70mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 1/4″X30′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 57mmx30mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 1/4″x60′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 57mmx40mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 1/4″x80′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 57mmx50mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 1/4″x110′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 57mmx60mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 1/4″x200′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 57mmx70mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 1/4″x230′ 100rolls/box Buy Now! 57mmx80mm 100rolls/box Buy Now!
2 3/4″x200′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 70mmx70mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!
3″x220′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 76mmx76mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!
3 1/8″x110′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 80mmx60mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!
3 1/8″X200′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 80mmx70mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!
3 1/8″x220′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 80mmx76mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!
3 1/8″x230′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 80mmx80mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!
3 1/8″x270′ 50rolls/box Buy Now! 80mmx83mm 50rolls/box Buy Now!


Call us by 0086-186 6377 6822 or Email: [email protected] if can not find the sizes that you need, thanks.

  • More info:
1,  Spec: 55gsm,  60gsm, 65gsm, 80gsm thermal paper, high whiteness, good image.
2, Package: Customized package is acceptable.
3, Core size: 13mm, 18mm, 25mm, both paper and plastic core are workable.
4, MOQ: NO MOQ requirements, we welcome all volume orders.
5, Shipping: for samples order less than 3 days, for batch order 7-10days.
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