Wax Ribbon

Wax Ribbon

Greatshine Paper only supply the Top A grade of Thermal transfer Ribbon, our Thermal transfer Ribbon has sharpe print image, easy-transfering, which can guarantee nice printing image and long storage after printing.



Thermal Transfer ribbon is mostly used to print expiry/batch date and label number for food, medical, supermarket, warehouse industry etc.

Spec of our Thermal Transfer Ribbon as follows:

Type Wax. Resin,  wax/resin type
Application Art paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, glossy & semi glossy paper, hangtag, synthetic paper, film (PET, PP, PVC)
Ink Side Both inside and outside are available
Color black/colorful
Operation Enviroment Temperature:5℃ – 35℃, Relative humidity:45% – 85%
Storage environment Temperature:-5℃ – 40℃, Relative humidity:45% – 85%

Image life: one year.

Greatshine Paper supply all sizes of Thermal transfer ribbon, width from 40-210mm, length and core size are available based on customers requirements.

Call us by 0086-186 6377 6822 or Email: [email protected] if can not find the sizes that you need, thanks.


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