The classification of cash register paper

The classification of cash register paper

Ordinary cash register paper is mainly divided into three types: thermal printing paper, bond paper and carbonless paper.

  1. Bond paper: the cash register paper produced by ordinary bond paper is one layer. There is no coating on the surface of the printing paper, it should be printed with ribbon.

    thermal paper
                            BOND PAPER ROLLS
  2. Thermal paper: The thermal cash register paper produced by thermal printing paper is all one layer, and the surface of the printing paper will be coated with thermal chemical coating. Thermal cash register paper is printed and colored by thermal print head. The characteristic is that it does not require printing consumables, ribbons, printing ribbons or printer cartridges. And the surface layer of the printing paper is relatively smooth, and there will be clear marks when a fingernail or hard block slides on the printing paper.                                                                                                        THERMAL PAPER 
  3. Carbonless paper: This cash register paper is composed of at least two or more layers. Among them, the first line needs to be printed and colored by a pinhole printer, but the next few lines are colored by the printing pressure of the pinhole printer.                                                                                                         NCR/ CARBONLESS PAPER

The specifications of frequently used thermal paper are:

57x50mm,57x60mm,57×40mm,  80x60mm,80x80mm

The frequently used specifications of bond paper are:

57×60, 70×60, 75×60, 75×80, 82×70, 82×80, etc.

The general specification model of carbonless cash register paper is

57×40 double layer, 57×60 double layer, 76×70 double layer, 76×76 three layer,

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