Why is 80x80mm thermal paper rolls so popular in Cash register system

Thermal printers print patterns through the heating element of the thermal print head, No need for ribbons or printer cartridges, Thermal printing is used more and more in cash register systems because of its stability, convenience, and cheapness. Among the many different paper roll sizes, 80mm x 80mm is the most popular specification. Thermal paper roll 80x80mm is increasingly used in restaurants and fast food chain stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, bank ATM and other industries.

So do you know what 80mm thermal paper means? For example, for 80mmx80mm thermal paper, the first 80mm refers to the width of the thermal paper, the latter 80mm refers to the diameter of the thermal paper, so 80mm Not the thickness or length of the paper, it refers to the width of the paper.

In more than 80% of restaurants and hotel stores, 80x80mm roll paper is the most widely used. Why is 80x80mm thermal paper so popular?

First, 80mm x 80mm thermal paper roll can be applied to many brand of thermal paper roll printer. Including Epson TM 82X, TM-T70, T88IV, M30, T20, T80, Boxilon, Samsung, Xprinter, Zonerich printers.

Second, The diameter of 80mm is large enough, which means that the length of the paper roll is long, more receipts can be printed, the frequency of replacing the paper roll is reduced, and the working efficiency is improved. In addition, the width of 80mm can print more information.

GREATSHINE 80x80mm thermal paper with specifications 48gsm/50gsm/55gsm/60gsm/65gsm/70gsm. The length of the paper roll is related to the thickness of the paper. The thinner the paper, the longer the paper, so the length of the paper varies from 50m-88m. We can recommend suitable specifications according to customer requirements

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