Blue Image Thermal Paper VS Black Image Thermal Paper

Blue Image Thermal Paper VS Black Image Thermal Paper

blue image thermal paper

Thermal paper shortage situation still ongoing, which makes thermal paper cost rising month by mont, and this situation no changes after one year shortage.

The current thermal paper shortage situation is caused by the shortage of chemicals, mainly dyes. BPS coating is also a problem, but the dyes are more troublesome. Dye is the main chemical used to make thermal paper. And their main supplier CONNECT CHMICALS is still not fully opened after CNY holiday 2018, now only few of their production line is running, but it won’t help the shortage or stop the shortage. And some big thermal coating mills have to change their coating raw material portion, for example, Jianghe paper from China and Hansol Paper from South Korean, they improve carbonless paper and SCCB paper’s coating raw material to get blue image thermal paper. Now these two mills are widely promoting their blue image thermal paper to the market, but the feedback from customers are not positive as black image thermal paper, the main reason for its unipositive feedback is from the image life, The blue image thermal paper image life is only one month, but black thermal paper image life is normally 1 year at least, some special thermal paper can be 15years. But maybe in near future they can improve its technology and make the two colors image life no difference.

Another reason is the acceptance by customers, we did a research on many customers, only a few customers would like to make a try of blue image thermal paper, so we have a long way to persuade customers to accept the new color image.


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