Monthly Archives - February 2017

Till Rolls 80×83 for South Africa Market

If you ask what is the most popular sizes of thermal paper rolls for South Africa market? Then the answer must be 80×83 till rolls. 80×83 thermal till rolls takes 90% of the market of South Africa market, as they mostly used 80mm width printers, capacity is 83mm maximum. But nowadays due to cost problem, more and more paper rolls becomes to 80×80, some even by size 80x76mm, but it can be used well on 80mm width printers. Greatshine paper supply [...]

Paper Cost Still Rising after 2017 Chinese New Year holiday

Normally the paper cost and other raw material cost will be down after Chinese New Year holiday, because the demand will be down when holiday passed, but 2017 is a special, everything still rising and supply still on a shortage. We received several Cost Rising Notice on 6th, Feb. The first day that we back to work. Some factories even not back to work on 6th, Feb, but still issue the rising notice. It is really a special 2017, so [...]