The difference between thermal printing and thermal transfer printing

Different printing consumables Consumables used by thermal printers: thermal paper. The thermal paper is coated with a layer of coating that changes color when exposed to heat, which is similar to photosensitive film, but this layer of coating will change color when exposed to heat. Because of this characteristic of the thermal coating, Sensitive printing technology invented; (Note: Thermal printers can only use special thermal paper) Consumables used by thermal transfer printers: self-adhesive label paper, PET, PVC, wash label, tag and [...]

How to choose a good quality Restaurant receipt paper

In recent years, with the rise of the takeaway industry, more and more merchants, shops, and supermarkets and restaurant have begun to provide takeaway services, and the demand for takeaway thermal paper has also increased. But how to chose a suitable restaurant receipt paper? Due to the particularity of the takeaway industry, special thermal paper for takeaway needs to have the following characteristics: good water resistance, stable color rendering, and high cost performance. 1. Why does the thermal paper for takeaway need [...]

Thermal paper for movie ticket making

There are three types of thermal paper for movie tickets making The earliest time was high-grade top-coated thermal paper. The paper weight of the top-coated thermal paper is 80 grams, top-coated means waterproof, anti-friction and anti-alcoholic. The top-coated thermal paper is smooth and flat, can cope with various complex natural environments, and has a relatively long storage period. Special thermal paper for movie tickets. Movie ticket special paper is characterized by waterproof and moisture-proof thermal paper. After printing, the color will [...]

Thermal Ticket printing paper

There are two types of tickets for scenic spots: single and roll, and the single sheet can be used directly after printing into a finished product. Continuity tickets can be made into foldable or roll-up. The raw materials of roll tickets are usually coated paper and thermal paper, as well as relatively rare composite coated paper or composite materials. The raw material is heat-sensitive, because the composite material is waterproof, moisture-proof, tear-proof and expensive, and it is rarely used [...]

The classification of cash register paper

Ordinary cash register paper is mainly divided into three types: thermal printing paper, bond paper and carbonless paper. Bond paper: the cash register paper produced by ordinary bond paper is one layer. There is no coating on the surface of the printing paper, it should be printed with ribbon.                         BOND PAPER ROLLS Thermal paper: The thermal cash register paper produced by thermal printing paper is all one layer, and the [...]

BPA/BPS free thermal paper by Greatshine

What is thermal paper? Some common small pieces of paper in our lives, such as shopping receipts, lottery tickets, queuing numbers, and electrocardiogram drawings, are called thermal paper. These papers are a kind of special coated and processed paper, and its appearance is similar to ordinary white paper. The manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of colorless “thermal-sensitive paint” on high-quality base paper to form a color-changing layer. When heated, the colorless dye reacts with the developer to [...]

Greatshine Paper Live Show

Dear All Visitors, Greatshine Paper will have a live show on alibaba today afternoon by 3PM(China time), welcome to watch our show, we will show our production room , machines, stock etc, and will have a detailed explaination of all our paper rolls and label products, link is as follows: And from now on, for all new customers we will supply free live video of factory inspection, production inspection, loading inspection, should you have any interest, please feel free to inquire [...]

How to Test The Thermal Paper Quality

  Appearance: If the thermal paper is super white, it means that the protective coating and thermal coating of thermal paper are unreasonable, Too much phosphor is added, The better thermal paper should be slightly greenish. If the thermal paper looks uneven, it means that the thermal paper coating is uneven, If the thermal paper seems to reflect strong light, too much phosphor is added, and the quality is not very good. Fire roasting: The method of roasting with fire is [...]

Linerless Label Available From Greatshine Paper

Greatshine Paper starts supplying all sizes of linerless labels from 2020, customized sizes are available, welcome your inquiry for all of our label product. If you want flexibility in your labels, customised linerless labels may be the right option for you. Linerless labels can be printed in different lengths because they are produced in a continuous roll. Linerless labels mean you don’t need to consider label size when you’re printing product specific information for a variety of products. The label [...]