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The difference between thermal printing and thermal transfer printing

Different printing consumables Consumables used by thermal printers: thermal paper. The thermal paper is coated with a layer of coating that changes color when exposed to heat, which is similar to photosensitive film, but this layer of coating will change color when exposed to heat. Because of this characteristic of the thermal coating, Sensitive printing technology invented; (Note: Thermal printers can only use special thermal paper) Consumables used by thermal transfer printers: self-adhesive label paper, PET, PVC, wash label, tag and [...]

thermal paper rolls 2 1/4

57x40mm (2 1/4’’) is one of the most popular size thermal paper rolls in the world market. It is widely used for 58mm thermal paper printer, such as credit card machines, receipt printers, cash registers, point of sale systems . Roll width: 57mm Diameter: 40mm Color: plain white Core: 13/17mm plastic core Paper length: 11~19meters based on different thickness paper Packing: 10 rolls per shrink wrap, 100 rolls per carton. For the latest price, please contact our salesperson! Beside plain white thermal paper rolls, we can also [...]