Thermal paper for movie ticket making

Thermal paper for movie ticket making


There are three types of thermal paper for movie tickets making

  1. The earliest time was high-grade top-coated thermal paper. The paper weight of the top-coated thermal paper is 80 grams, top-coated means waterproof, anti-friction and anti-alcoholic. The top-coated thermal paper is smooth and flat, can cope with various complex natural environments, and has a relatively long storage period.
  2. Special thermal paper for movie tickets. Movie ticket special paper is characterized by waterproof and moisture-proof thermal paper. After printing, the color will not be easily faded after being in contact with water, and the printed paper will not be scattered. It can cope with conditions in a humid natural environment. The thermal paper for movie tickets also weighs 80 grams, which is currently the mainstream movie ticket paper base paper.
  3. Cash register thermal paper. It is made by direct printing with 70 grams of thermal paper. This type of thermal paper is relatively common. It is a special thermal paper for shopping malls, and is not actually a raw material for movie ticket paper. Because the price and cost of thermal paper have risen, more and more merchants or manufacturers have chosen to use thermal cash register paper instead of special paper for movie tickets to make printed movie tickets. This is not worth recommending because of the printing of movie tickets. It will have an impact later.

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