The Use Of Thermal Paper Rolls

The Use Of Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper is a special type of paper that is coated with chemicals on the outside and this chemical helps the paper to change color when it is exposed to heat. We can print on thermal paper without the use of ink or ribbon. That’s why the thermal paper has more and more widespread use in our daily life.

When we shop in a large supermarket, we will get a small ticket after payment which records the item we bought, quantity, and price. This ticket is the thermal paper, also named as thermal till roll, cash register paper, thermal receipt, and so on.

Thermal paper is also widely used in bank ATM machines. When we complete the transaction on the ATM, we usually print the receipt. On the face side is the record of the transaction and the bank name, on the backside is the terms and black sensor mark.

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In addition, when we eat in restaurants, we also use thermal paper when ordering. The receipt we received when we ended the meal payment is still thermal paper.

Why thermal paper is used in many places and in large quantities? Because thermal printers do not use ink or ribbon,it has relatively no environmental pollution, long service life, and are relatively simple to maintain.

The main markets of thermal paper and cash register include department stores, shopping malls, financial institutions, hotel, mobile credit card machines, restaurants, department store clerks, medical institutions, chain convenience stores, Tmall Franchise stores, movie coupons, ATM machines, and equipment of financial institutions, etc.

Nowadays, many medical institutions use more and more thermal paper.

Many of the diagnostic report forms of many medical institutions can be printed out with top-coated thermal paper, and the inspection results can be seen clearly and accurately. There is also a small ticket paper for automatic queuing and number selection of medical institutions. The queuing and numbering papers of other outpatient clinics are printed on thermal paper. Thermal paper can be used as a fully automatic terminal device to print out credentials. In addition, in the field of ECG, ECG drawings made of thermal paper have been used. The electrocardiographic thermal paper has the advantages of sensitive printing and faster printing speed.

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