Greatshine Paper’s Coreless Thermal Paper Roll

Greatshine Paper’s Coreless Thermal Paper Roll


Greatshine Paper can supply full range of coreless paper rolls, we have both 8mm and 10mm cylinders which can supply both 8mm and 10mm coreless paper rolls.

Greatshine Paper is on promotion of coreless paper rolls, Please find the advantage of coreless paper rolls as follows:Longer Roll Length. Paper rolls for handheld printers are necessarily small, so the increased yield offered by coreless rolls is an important benefit.

    • Environmentally Friendly. No paper cores or plastic cores used, which is no pollution to enviorement.
    • Economical. Why we need to pay cores cost and throw away after rolls finished?
    • Convenient and time saving when replacing with new paper roll you no need to take the cores out and put a new roll into the machine.
  • Made from standard 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm premium quality thermal paper, which delivers high quality printed image
  • Coreless paper rolls are becoming increasingly popular for parking receipts, bank ATM receipts, stadium receipts, industry labeling, etc.
  • Please contact us for any inquiry of coreless thermal paper rolls.

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