Will the direct thermal paper shortage continue?

Will the direct thermal paper shortage continue?

Many importers were told by their suppliers, no matter their suppliers from China or other countries, thermal paper cost up a lot and can be not supplied fully of their order in future. Thermal paper cost rising and shortage have following reasons:

1, wood-pulp cost rising, wood-pulp cost start rising from end of 2016 until today, and will be rising in the future definitely, because many government said paper industry is a high-pollution industry and have serious damage to their environment, waters, forest etc, so made many laws to restrict, which made wood-pulp cost rising yearly now.

2, Thermal coating chemical shortage, actually this is the main reason that thermal paper which makes thermal paper shortage and rising. Because the main chemical suppliers CONNECT CHEMICALS was shut down by China government due to environmental issues and we are unsure when CONNECT CHEMICALS RE-OPEN. It is stated that CONNECT CHEMICALS takes more than 70% shares supply of thermal coating chemicals in the world and its main customers from Asia and Europe. Now China government only allows its small mills opening to ensure the supply of China train Tickets, lottery, air tickets production, there won’t be no more for common thermal paper supply. So don’t feel surprised in near future that you suppliers put you on allocation.

Anyway remember price is irrelevant if your supplier can not deliver, so cherish your reliable suppliers thought they rise your price week by week, at least they can supply.

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