Thermal Ticket printing paper

Thermal Ticket printing paper


There are two types of tickets for scenic spots: single and roll, and the single sheet can be used directly after printing into a finished product. Continuity tickets can be made into foldable or roll-up. The raw materials of roll tickets are usually coated paper and thermal paper, as well as relatively rare composite coated paper or composite materials. The raw material is heat-sensitive, because the composite material is waterproof, moisture-proof, tear-proof and expensive, and it is rarely used in scenic spots.

  1. The thermal paper ticket has a thermal layer, which can be printed directly without installing a ribbon, and the cost of printing paper is high. The storage period of the printed information is short, and it needs to be stored at room temperature. Waterproof and moisture-proof as much as possible and long-term exposure to sunlight, mainly used in boarding passes, temporary ticket sales, train tickets, thermal printing scenic spots, etc.
  2. The vast majority of tickets printed on ribbon are common synthetic materials and coated paper. The printing paper has low cost, long storage period and temperature resistance. Apply pre-sale tickets, exhibition badges, or small batch customization.

Whether it is copperplate printing or thermal printing, composite materials are basically the same. Thermal does not need to add ribbon. The copper plate material needs to be equipped with additional ribbon. The price of raw materials for thermal bills is slightly more expensive than that of copperplate materials, and the copperplate paper requires additional carbon tape. Both are basically more commonly used raw materials.

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