What’s the popular sizes of POS Paper Rolls for Canada Market

What’s the popular sizes of POS Paper Rolls for Canada Market



The requirements of POS paper rolls from Canada market is nearly same as USA market, both of these countries use inches and feet to measure the POS paper rolls, the slightly difference is the paper length, same on Label sizes.


POS paper rolls

Due to Canada market use POS paper rolls by length, so the most popular paper in its market is mostly 55gsm or below gsm, such as 52gsm, 50gsm, 48gsm etc, but 55gsm thermal paper is still the most popular one in its market, which includes both with BPA and BPA free thermal paper.

Canada market mostly use white wraffle core or black wraffle core(honeycomb core), size is 7/16”, there are also some small wall core, size is 1/2”, 1” etc. Size for thermal POS rolls is as follows:

2 1/4”X60’

2 1/4”x80’

2 1/4”x75’


3 1/8”x200’

3 1/8”x220’ etc

1-ply Bond paper rolls size as follows:

1 3/4”x150’

2 1/4”x150’


2-ply/3-ply NCR paper rolls sizes as follows:



For more information of the POS paper rolls, please visit the following links:






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