Thermal Till Rolls For South Africa Market

POS System

POS System

Though the thermal printer’s common sizes only have several models, but different markets, different countries still have different requirements on its consumable stuffs–Thermal Paper Rolls. Today Greatshine Paper would like to share some information of thermal paper rolls for South Market:

Normally South Africa Paper like say thermal paper rolls as Till rolls, Thermal printers as Till machines which is same as UK habit. Till machines mostly have 3 models: 80mm width, 76mm width and 57mm width, some not common size which called Adding machine, Includes 44mm width, 37mm width and 28mm width machine.

80mm width and 57mm width Thermal printers are the most popular sizes in market, which makes 80mm width and 57mm width Till rolls has huge demand, like 80mmx83mm, 57mmx40mm. 80mmx83mm thermal till rolls are mostly used in supermarkets, gas station, restaurants, hotels, parking lots etc. 57mmx40mm Thermal till rolls mostly used in some payment solutions, like Cable credit card printers, banks etc.

Greatshine Paper has professional knowledge for South Africa market, if you are not sure of the rolls sizes that you need, please do not hesitate to contact our sales or supply the printers that you need, then we can recommend the right sizes till rolls for your usage.

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