What’s The Advantage Of Using Linerless Label?

What’s The Advantage Of Using Linerless Label?

Normally thermal label has two layers: the 1st layer is normal 80gsm thermal paper or 80gsm topcoated paper, we call is surface paper. The liner paper is 62gsm glassine paper, normally color has white, blue and yellow, total 3 kinds. We call it base paper.

But now many and more customers choosing to use linerless thermal label, as to the linerless thermal paper, it is only one layer-the surface thermal paper, no bases paper, which has too big advantage when using:

  • Less waste
  • Less freight costs
  • More labels per roll
  • Variable length labels
  • Less warehouse space

Eliminating the liner also reduces on freight costs and shipping, material costs and storage costs.

Linerless labels, on the other hand, adhere to themselves. The silicone-coated labels are, essentially, their own liners. A special manufacturing process coats the back of the label with an adhesive that is easily peeled off the surface of the label beneath it yet securely grips the surface where it’s meant to go. Basically, linerless labels stick to themselves, at least until you put them in their final resting place. You’ll cut shipping costs by 50 percent because there will be twice as many labels per box compared to standard labels.

The linerless label is compatible with follow printers:

Bixolon SRP-S300 and. XL5-40 linerless label printer. SPP-L310 & SPP-L410 & SPP-R200III

Epson L90

linerless label
linerless label


Greatshine Paper can supply full sizes of linerless label, should you have any inquiries for linerless label, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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