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The Risk Of Using Bad Quality Thermal Paper

As we all know, thermal printer heads is very sensitive, then thermal paper can be printed easily, but it also means it’s quite fastidious to the thermal paper that printed on it. Thermal paper has three layers, first layer is based coating, because thermal paper is a kind of coating paper, the base paper is normally light weight woodfree paper, and surface is a little bit rough, so base coating is to make the woodfree paper surface as smooth as [...]

How to solve a faded thermal paper receipt?

Receipt printed on thermal paper can be kept for a long time is store properly. Thermal paper produces its own image through a chemical coating that, when exposed to heat, transfers an image or text. The chemical coating that produced the image degenerates over time, but when exposed to water, ultraviolet rays, solvents, oils and adhesives, alochol etc, or once the paper is damaged then the text will be faded quickly,  it can be very difficult to get it [...]

The Ways of Testing Thermal Paper Quality

 Before we talk about the thermal paper quality we need to know how is produced and what factors will influence its quality: Basic thermal paper, a layered composite of base paper, thermal coating, and protective coating, is produced by several manufacturers and is subsequently reprocessed by many different suppliers for use in various recording devices. Reprocessing includes adding artwork, cutting and trimming, rolling or folding, perforating, or otherwise reworking the basic paper. Although most paper manufacturers rigorously test their [...]