The Risk Of Using Bad Quality Thermal Paper

The Risk Of Using Bad Quality Thermal Paper

EPSON打印机As we all know, thermal printer heads is very sensitive, then thermal paper can be printed easily, but it also means it’s quite fastidious to the thermal paper that printed on it.

Thermal paper has three layers, first layer is based coating, because thermal paper is a kind of coating paper, the base paper is normally light weight woodfree paper, and surface is a little bit rough, so base coating is to make the woodfree paper surface as smooth as it can, then will be easily to coat the second layer. Second Layer is image layer, which can be printed when exposed to heat. Third layer is protective layer which protect both paper and printers when printing.

If use bad quality thermal paper, the rise as follows:

1, Printer jammed, this is the lest risk…

2, Printer heads broken, normally bad quality thermal paper without protective layer coating, so the first and second layer can be broken easily when slit or printing, there will be too much powder after printing, times by times the printer heads will be broken.

3, Bad quality thermal paper‘s image life is very short, if you want keep records or check the list after a while, you will find the printed thermal paper without a words after for a while.

So Greatshine Paper advise customers to use good quality thermal paper, though the cost will be a little bit higher but it worth when compare to you printers cost.

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