How to solve a faded thermal paper receipt?

How to solve a faded thermal paper receipt?

Receipt printed on thermal paper can be kept for a long time is store properly. Thermal paper produces its own image through a chemical coating that, when exposed to heat, transfers an image or text. The chemical coating that produced the image degenerates over time, but when exposed to water, ultraviolet rays, solvents, oils and adhesives, alochol etc, or once the paper is damaged then the text will be faded quickly,  it can be very difficult to get it back but there are a few things you can solve the problem before fading:

Tools You May Need:
1, Scanners
2, Cameras
3, Copy machines

Take a digital photo of the thermal paper receipt or scan the image into a photo, then save the photos in your own PC or Mobile phone properly.

Or use copy machines to copy the thermal paper receipt onto a A4 paper, as A4 paper is bond paper and with leaser printing, the image can last much longer than thermal paper. Then store the copy recpits into a proper place.

Please be note if the thermal paper receipt damged, there is no way to recover it, so we must save a copy to advoid damge happens.

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