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The Fitting Printers Of Thermal Rolls 80mmx80mm

As we all know thermal paper rolls 80mmx80mm is the most popular size in all sizes of thermal paper rolls, but which printers does 80mmx80mm fit? Greatshine Paper would like to share the details with everyone: Axiohm Printer Model: – 7156, 7193, 7196, A715, A716, A756, A758, A760, A793, A794, A795 Citizen Printer Model: CBM1000, CBM230, CBM231, CBM293, IDP3210, IDP3310, LT380 DH printer Model: 1500 Epson Printer Model: – M129B, M129C, TM-H5000, TM-H5000 II, TM-H6000, TM-T80, TM-T85, TM-T88, TM-T88II, TM-T88III, TM-T88IV, T90 Series, TMU 6000 Fujitsu Printer Model: Team POS DT50 IBM printer Model: 4610T1 Suremark, [...]

The Steps Of Setting A Thermal Printer

With the development of printing technology, Thermal paper becomes quite common on most retail areas, but how to set a thermal printers make difficulties for many of operators: After setting your thermal printers you may find it doesn’t run or no image printed, the reason it maybe you load your thermal paper rolls by uncoated side front, now Greatshine Paper would like to share three ways to solve this problem: 1),  Please ensure the rolls you will load in thermal [...]