How to do when meet ATMs make a mistake?

How to do when meet ATMs make a mistake?

Normally the banks or ATM machines won’t make mistake when we withdraw the cash or check our card amount or other service when we using them, but they are not 100% perfect working always, very few times we may meet their mistake, as it is connected to our cash , so we must know some fast solutions in advance when meet:

1, Always get a printed thermal ATM receipt. The receipt contains important information such as the transaction date and time and the machine identifier, and other things, this will allow the ATM owner to check the photographic record that is often made of transactions.

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2, Count your time after you withdraw it, But You need to be cognizant of your surroundings, particularly if there is anyone behind you waiting for the ATM,. It’s possible that a video record of the transaction could be used to confirm how many bills you count out.

3, Act quickly. If you let the ATM owner know immediately, it will make it more likely that the company can trace the error, An ATM error can leave you baffled, infuriated and not knowing where to turn. But if you take the right steps, the mistake is likely to get corrected.


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