What kind of Ribbon does my Zebra printer needs?

What kind of Ribbon does my Zebra printer needs?

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Many customers are confused of what they need normally, they just know what kind of Zebra printers that they have, but have no idea of the consumbles, both labels and ribbons. Greatshine Paper would like to supply a total solutions to the customers who is not familiar with their printers:

1, Ribbons have three kinds: wax. resin, wax/resin mixed.

2, Application, you need to know what kind of label you want to print or what’s application of the labels you need.

3, Wax ribbon normally printed on coated paper materials. Provides minimal resistance to scratches, smearing and chemicals. Wax/resin ribbon normally printed on coated paper and matte synthetics. Provides good resistance to scratches, smears and some moderate chemicals.  Resin ribbon normally printed gloss paper and synthetics. Formulated to provide excellent resistance to scratches, smears, most harsh chemicals, outdoor environments and extreme temperatures.

The size of the ribbon normally has 110mm, 80mm, 44mm etc based on printers size, length from 50m t0 600m based on customer’s requirements, cores are 1/2″, 1″ etc. Rolling direction normally has CSI and CSO.

Greatshine Paper can supply a nice solutions both on your labels requirements and ribbons’s demand, we welcome your inquiry by anytime!


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